CellCountr intends to allow users to explore images in an innovative, educational and exciting way. However we have not quite built everything yet … so in the meantime, here are a few links to useful image banks.

A great resource made available by Nivaldo Medeiros MD, who has kindly given permission for us to use his images for CellCountr.

ASH Imagebank

The American Society of Hematology Imagebank. Also very useful for lymph node and trephine histology.

EHA / ELN Morphology Database

The European Leukaemia Net image library consists of an extensive database of well categorised and labelled cells as well as resources exploring diagnostic flow cytometry in some detail. Slide Atlas hosts slides and numerous other resources relevant to practising and trainee haematologists.

Haematology Atlas from Nagoya University School of Medicine

Made available by Takuji Ichihashi MD PhD, along with Tomoki Naeo of Nagasaki University, Kazutaka Kuriyama of Kyoto University College of Medical Technology and Masataka Sasada of Hamamatsu Univserity School of Medicine. We're not sure how much this site gets updated.

A well categorised set of images from

Please email us at if you have any additional resource suggestions.